Cheesy Song Idea


I slapped this little tune together in about an hour.

Drum machine, Jackson Murder Strat, and POS Bass guitar.

Here I Go Again (Solo)

I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten this solo down without the help of Uncle Ben Eller!  That dude is an amazing guitarist – and awesome teacher.

I wonder if it’s ever too late to take lessons… hmmm.

Early 90’s Throwback Clip

My friend Michael and I used to record music until the sun came up back in the early ’90s. When you get to that certain point of tired where everything is funny and you just can’t focus anymore, this happens.

I still have that Charvel guitar. 😉

Uneasy Feeling

Yamaha THR10X

A quick 3 track recording of something I thought sounded cool as I was dialing in tones on my practice amp.  It kind of has a dark gloomy feel to it.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  😉

Jackson Dinky + Yamaha THR10X



I love dissonance.  The tension.  The anxiety.  The uneasiness.

The next 42 seconds might drive you crazy.  😉

Jackson Dinky + Yamaha THR10X