Early 90’s Throwback Clip

My friend Michael and I used to record music until the sun came up back in the early ’90s. When you get to that certain point of tired where everything is funny and you just can’t focus anymore, this happens.

I still have that Charvel guitar. ūüėČ

Cover – I Remember You

I Remember You

I just found this old video on VHS.  hehehe

2001, practicing in the bathroom for the acoustics… This song is too hard on my voice. :(

Mike Is Camping (Mike in the Woods)

Mike is Camping

There’s an interesting story behind this song, but you probably don’t care.

Back in the early 90’s, my friend Mike was really into 4-wheeling and camping in the mountains… as well as drinking lots of beer and shooting guns. ¬†My friend Chris and I were pretty much city boys, but we¬†would go on many wheeling trips with Mike. ¬†Chris and I wrote the lyrics to this song in ’92, and the original version of the song¬†(at that time called “Mike in the Woods”) was born.

I played the guitar and bass, programmed the drum machine and sang the lead vocals… Chris, well.. he pretty much just drank beer and shouted out a few background vocals.

In late 2014, I was sitting in my studio and I decided to remake the song. ¬†Chris didn’t participate this time, so I was able to redo the whole thing in about 2 hours. ¬†After you’ve watched this lyric video of the “new” version here, check out the original audio version of the song below it.

And 2 decades earlier… here’s the original 1992 version of “Mike in the Woods (Mike is Camping)”:


My First Time on Stage

stage fright

1985… The band was called Iron Flyte, the venue was The Empire Theatre in Placerville, California.

I was 17 at the time¬†and had only been playing the guitar for about 2¬†years, but never in a band. ¬†The guys in Iron Flyte¬†were a few years older than me and had been playing together for years. ¬†Their rhythm guitarist left the band and I’d been hanging around them for long enough that they asked if I wanted to fill in.

I practiced with them for about a month, and then this show happened. ¬†I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up. ¬†I couldn’t even look out into the audience, and I barely moved from the position I was standing in the entire time.

I’m on the left… Check out that sweet mullet and rad clothes!

Dennis Setzer: vocals
Kevin Mogan: lead guitar
Jeff Moore: bass guitar
Frank Castillo: drums
Me: rhythm guitar


Original – State of Mind

Chris, Joe, and Dave

Another embarrassing old song I wrote in 1994… ¬†This one is as touchy-feely, sappy, and sickeningly-sweet as could be. ¬†Yuck! ¬†Excuse me while I go throw up a rainbow.

The photo above is of me entertaining my friends Chris and Joe, as I would do frequently back in the day. ¬†Chris would also say, “Dance, monkey. Dance!”