Cheesy Song Idea


I slapped this little tune together in about an hour.

Drum machine, Jackson Murder Strat, and POS Bass guitar.

Uneasy Feeling

Yamaha THR10X

A quick 3 track recording of something I thought sounded cool as I was dialing in tones on my practice amp.  It kind of has a dark gloomy feel to it.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  😉

Jackson Dinky + Yamaha THR10X



I love dissonance.  The tension.  The anxiety.  The uneasiness.

The next 42 seconds might drive you crazy.  😉

Jackson Dinky + Yamaha THR10X



A little while back I was playing around with an effect on my keyboard and liked how it sounded, and then added some controlled guitar feedback to it.

I used my Ensoniq esq-1 keyboard and Charvel Model 3 guitar.

Into The Knot


This is a very short instrumental that I put together as a music bed for a friend’s cat video.  I call it “7-string punk”, even though I played it on a detuned 6-string guitar.

I used my Charvel Model 3 guitar detuned to a B, used my Encore POS bass guitar, and drum loops from Addictive Drums.