Cheesy Song Idea


I slapped this little tune together in about an hour.

Drum machine, Jackson Murder Strat, and POS Bass guitar.

Uneasy Feeling

Yamaha THR10X

A quick 3 track recording of something I thought sounded cool as I was dialing in tones on my practice amp.  It kind of has a dark gloomy feel to it.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  😉

Jackson Dinky + Yamaha THR10X


Most embarrassing thing ever

I was transferring a bunch of old forgotten VHS tapes to my computer the other day, and ran across this video gem from 1993. This is easily one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever shared on the internet.  Enjoy.

Song: “Why?”
Year: 1993
Original by Dave Eric Smith



A little while back I was playing around with an effect on my keyboard and liked how it sounded, and then added some controlled guitar feedback to it.

I used my Ensoniq esq-1 keyboard and Charvel Model 3 guitar.

Into The Knot


This is a very short instrumental that I put together as a music bed for a friend’s cat video.  I call it “7-string punk”, even though I played it on a detuned 6-string guitar.

I used my Charvel Model 3 guitar detuned to a B, used my Encore POS bass guitar, and drum loops from Addictive Drums.