Cover – I Remember You

I Remember You

I just found this old video on VHS.  hehehe

2001, practicing in the bathroom for the acoustics… This song is too hard on my voice. :(

Firehouse – Love of a Lifetime

I gave it a shot…

Vocal cover:

Enter Sandman


One of my favorite local bands, Four Barrel, let me come up to sing a little bit the other night.  I could’ve done a lot better if I had practiced or my voice was warmed up, but what the hell… it was fun and I love these guys!  :)

Most embarrassing thing ever

I was transferring a bunch of old forgotten VHS tapes to my computer the other day, and ran across this video gem from 1993. This is easily one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever shared on the internet.  Enjoy.

Song: “Why?”
Year: 1993
Original by Dave Eric Smith

Scar Tissue (vocal cover)

With the birds I share this lonely view

It was 1:30 in the morning and I felt like singing.  😛