Original – Coustica Part 1

This is an instrumental I wrote and recorded in 1993 with a crappy Carlos acoustic guitar using a Dean Markley Pro-Mag pickup.  It’s a bit of a jazz sound and is probably the first song I ever did with finger picking. It was one take, so there are a few biffs here and there.

The second “part” to this song is here.

Original – Water Logged

An instrumental I wrote in 1991 when I first got my Zoom 9002 guitar effects processor and Yamaha MT-100 MKII 4-track cassette recorder.  I was determined to try just about every effect the Zoom had in one song.  That was my little kitteh “Alesis” in the photo above.  🙂

Charvel Model 3 guitar, Zoom effects processor.

Original – Groove Thang

Another oldie from 1991.  I was working at a local alternative music radio station at the time (KWOD 106.5) and listening to music that was different from the metal I grew up on inspired me to try something progressive.  Isn’t that picture of me scary?  😉

I recorded this on my Yamaha MKII 4 track cassette, the keyboards in the song were actually done with the crappiest little Casio keyboard I could find (I borrowed it from my bro Spanky Burns), and I was using an Alesis SR-16 drum machine that I bought from Sean Rowley (RIP) of local group Cause and Effect, who I had the pleasure of meeting while working at KWOD.

Charvel Model 3 guitar, Zoom guitar effects unit, Alesis SR-16 drum machine, and Spanky’s crappy Casio toy keyboard.