Original – State of Mind

Another embarrassing old song I wrote in 1994…  This one is as touchy-feely, sappy, and sickeningly-sweet as could be.  Yuck!  Excuse me while I go throw up a rainbow.

The photo above is of me entertaining my friends Chris and Joe, as I would do frequently back in the day.  Chris would also say, “Dance, monkey. Dance!”

Original – Coustica Part 2

This was recorded in 1999 and is what I consider the second part of “Coustica Part 1”.  I played this one on an Ovation acoustic guitar and added some chorus and delay.  My finger picking had improved since the first song, but I still had a lot of “oops” moments.

Original – Coustica Part 1

This is an instrumental I wrote and recorded in 1993 with a crappy Carlos acoustic guitar using a Dean Markley Pro-Mag pickup.  It’s a bit of a jazz sound and is probably the first song I ever did with finger picking. It was one take, so there are a few biffs here and there.

The second “part” to this song is here.