Cover – Tom Sawyer (Rush)

I got a wild hair up my butt one night in 2003 and actually thought that if I found a midi track of the drums, bass, and keyboards for “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, that I could do a decent cover of it with my guitar and vocals.

Well, I found the midi file I needed.  My guitars were very raw and my tone sounded like I was plugged directly into a mixing board, but I think I did a decent job on the vocals.  I mean, how close can YOU get to sounding like Geddy Lee??  😉

Vocals recorded with my Shure SM-58 mic, I used my 1998 Jackson Dinky Reverse strat guitar through my Digitech GNX4 effects board.

Original – State of Mind

Another embarrassing old song I wrote in 1994…  This one is as touchy-feely, sappy, and sickeningly-sweet as could be.  Yuck!  Excuse me while I go throw up a rainbow.

The photo above is of me entertaining my friends Chris and Joe, as I would do frequently back in the day.  Chris would also say, “Dance, monkey. Dance!”

Original – Better Off

A sappy ballad that I wrote in 1999 after the crumbling of a 7 year relationship, “Better Off” was me trying to convince myself that my ex-girlfriend was better off without me.  I was obviously not feeling very good about myself at that time, but writing and singing this song was emotionally healing.

Vocals were recorded with my Shure SM-58 mic, guitar used was my Ovation electric/acoustic (not my crappy Carlos acoustic in the photo above).