Collaboration – Nothing 2 Real

My very talented friend Mike Fermer (The Funky Blue Devils, Wild Eyed Boyz, D.Michaels) wrote this song and our golden-voiced bro Neil Patrick (Sunburn, Reef Bound Sol, All The New) sang the vocals for it in Mike’s home studio. Then it was my turn… I must have laid down 6 tracks of acoustic guitar and 3 tracks of electric guitar for this song that day.

This is NOT the final mixdown of the song.  We recorded it in 2007, and I’m not sure if Mike ever finished tweaking the sound. 😛

I used my Jackson Dinky Reverse electric guitar with my Digitech GNX4 effects pedal, and my Tacoma acoustic/electric guitar.

Neil Singing Karaoke
Neil singing karaoke at my house after we finished recording.

Collaboration – Close My Eyes

This is a pre-mixed version (VERY raw mix) of a song written by my incredibly talented friend Mike Fermer and sung by his daughter Ashley.  I played all the guitars for them.  I never got to hear the “final” version of this song (if it ever was completed), this is all I have:

I used my Jackson Dinky Reverse guitar and Digitech GNX4 effect pedal through my Marshall VS265 amp.

Collaboration – Lost Tracks

My buddy Mike Fermer and I, doing our usual jam sessions back in 1995, came up with the following instrumental pieces.

Mike played keyboards and did the drum programming, I played the guitars… of course.  These are very raw recordings of musical bits we never did anything with.


I used my 1986 Charvel Model 3 electric guitar through my Zoom 9002 effects processor, and my crappy old Carlos acoustic.