Vocal Cover – Counting Blue Cars (Dishwalla)

I used to play this song on the acoustic guitar and sing it in the late 90’s and it always made me feel good.  I sang it at a karaoke bar once and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.  My friend Chris tries to get me to sing it whenever we happen upon a karaoke bar, so I guess I don’t suck at it too bad.  😛

The vocals were recorded with my Rode NT1a.

Vocal Cover – Black (Pearl Jam)

I’m not a huge Pearl Jam fan… I mean, I like their music, but I think I sing a lot of their songs because the vocal register Eddie Vedder sings in is comfortable to me.

It’s always fun to watch myself afterward and see the weird facial expressions I make when I sing.  I tried to improvise at the end and couldn’t find the timing… oh well. 😛

Vocals were recorded with my Rode NT1a mic.

Cover – Tom Sawyer (Rush)

I got a wild hair up my butt one night in 2003 and actually thought that if I found a midi track of the drums, bass, and keyboards for “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, that I could do a decent cover of it with my guitar and vocals.

Well, I found the midi file I needed.  My guitars were very raw and my tone sounded like I was plugged directly into a mixing board, but I think I did a decent job on the vocals.  I mean, how close can YOU get to sounding like Geddy Lee??  😉

Vocals recorded with my Shure SM-58 mic, I used my 1998 Jackson Dinky Reverse strat guitar through my Digitech GNX4 effects board.